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This is my blog about investing in stocks and related stuff.  I post things about companies and what I think about those situations.  It’s stuff I find interesting, but in no means is anything I post an actual recommendation to buy or sell a stock or make any sort of investment. My hope is that I am providing thought-provoking information and adding to your own personal arsenal of knowledge and wisdom.  Please take everything you read here with a grain of salt and question what my assumptions and conclusions might be.

Best, -JustJeff


Assume you have no privacy when using this site.  My website will set cookies and use other technologies to facilitate a better user experience (eg. keeping you logged in, serving ads, check for spam comments, etc.) and might also use cookies to track your pages visits and other usage data when at my site.  My website will store all sorts of data, both in file format and in databases, and cannot guarantee the security or privacy of usage and site data.  I might occasionally use display ads and product referral links on this site from third parties.  I cannot control what those other third parties do with site traffic data that they collect through ad image impressions, pixel “dots,” “beacons,” or other tracking mechanisms.  Again, assume you have no privacy when using this site.  If this is a problem, please do not use this site.

Content Disclaimer

Much of the content on this site is about the stock market, investments, companies, and other financial topics.  Nothing presented here should be used as financial advice (including any comments at the bottom of articles).  You should do your own homework and hire a professional financial adviser when making investment decisions.  I cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the content presented on this site.  Everything presented is “in my opinion.”  My math is not always perfect and might be wrong from time to time.  I cannot guarantee that the sources of the information presented here are always accurate or correct with their information (eg. stock quotes, company financial data, etc.).  I am not a professional investment adviser.

Commentary and opinions are solely those of the author or comment poster and not their employers or other parties.

Financial Disclosure

Please assume that myself and content authors have financial positions in companies or investments being discussed on this site and that their articles might be (and probably are) biased in favor of their own opinions and theories.