Nikon’s USB UC-E6 Data & Charging Cable

Do you have an old Nikon Coolpix digital camera?  I bet you lost that super tiny, micro-sized USB cable that it came with, right? (Or is it a cord? Hmm, not sure– cord or cable, but it’s a connector yep).  The model or type is UC-E6.  And man, that is one tiny USB connector.  Goes for roughly five bucks.  As of this writing, I found several different ones all in the $4.50-$10.00 price range [Amazon, $4.66].

Pic of UC-E6 USB cable. It's so tiny.
UC-E6 USB cable.
Purchased from Amazon.
Two cords: Comparing it with a “regular” mini usb (on the right). The little UC-E6 usb is on the left (red arrow).

If you are also looking for the matching wall plug-in charger  [Amazon, $24.98] (square-shaped, black and has a nice fold-up prong section) that you can plug the tiny USB cord into, it’s called the EH-70P AC Adapter Charger and can be found for $25.00-ish.  That’s crazy expensive!  However, I am thinking if you just have the cord, you could just plug it in anywhere with a powered USB port and skip the matching charger block:

“A Nikon Coolpix camera may be charged either by using the USB port to connect the camera to a computer, or by using the charging adapter.” [1]

Pic of EH-70P AC Adapter Charger.
EH-70P AC Adapter Charger. It plugs into your wall.

Do you have the cord and your camera is still not charging?  Maybe the battery shot.  If you have had it stored in a drawer for over a year it may be totally gone.  Do you plug it into your PC and it just blinks a few times and that’s it?  Try the wall charger– I have found that for some reason, the wall charger works when sometimes your PC connection does not.

Items you might need that were discussed in this post:

  1. Nikon UC-E6 USB cable (about 5 bucks)
  2. Nikon EH-70P AC Adapter Charger (about 25 bucks)
  3. Replacement battery for Nikon Coolpix camera (about 5 bucks)

Nikon Coolpix camera models: S2700, S2800, S3500, S3600, S3700, S5200, S6500, S9400, S9500, P530.

My very own Nikon Coolpix S3000. Still works great!
Here’s the back.



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