Can I watch NBC Sports Gold using a VPN?

pic of tv menu
Inside view of the NBC Sports Gold app menu within roku.

Short answer: Yes.  I tested using ExpressVPN from various US locations and the Roku channel came up just fine, I selected a game to stream, and was watching just fine.  I am located in the US, so I am not circumventing any sort of country restriction.  I use a VPN at home for security and privacy reasons, not to get around geo-restrictions.

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Sidebar– I value content provides that let me stream from within the US using a VPN.  Amazon Prime is an example of a content provider that blocks me when I use a VPN, *even though* I am a US-based subscriber and they know this.  The fact that they won’t just validate using my account info (instead of VPN connection info) really stinks.  Maybe someday they will take notice that more and more people are switching to VPN services for privacy and security and not just to get around geo-restrictions.  I do not support Netflix, but I assume they have similar content blocks on legitimate customers.

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